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Here’s what makes us out of this world

Designed to minimise the effort of getting kids to help around the home or practice good behavior, StellKey empowers adults to set tasks and kids to track their own progress.

Our Methodology

StellKey harnesses the power of repetition and routine as the foundation for learning, building skills through effort, and then achievement. It’s a method long used by educators such as Montessori Academy, and consistently validated by researchers across the globe. Studies have found that routines provide children with a sense of security, reduce behavioral issues and can strengthen family bonds and resilience during challenging times.

We consulted developmental psychologists and parenting experts to create a fun way for families to establish rituals that guide kids to build good habits. The aim? To help kids feel proud of themselves too and set them up for a life of independence.

Set tasks for your child

We know every family – and every child – is different. We’ve created a list of suggested tasks and positive behaviors for kids ages 4 to 12, but you can create a list that suits your family’s needs and child’s level of independence. You’ll be updated in real-time on your child’s progress.

Encouraging independence

Children log in to their own interface to receive their daily list of tasks to complete. StellKey makes it easy for kids of all ages to navigate their tasks, mark them as done and request rewards when they’ve accomplished everything on their list.

Short-term and longer goals

Once a task has been completed by a child and approved by a parent or carer, kids will earn stars and gems that can be redeemed to unlock a daily treat, or accrued to claim a greater reward.


stellKey star
stellKey star

About Stell

Meet Stell

StellKey’s mascot Stell allows kids to interact with a positive character who motivates kids to complete their tasks, sharing words of encouragement for work well done . Stell also takes on the role of a digital pet, as the stars and gems that kids earn can be put towards treats that help care for Stell.

kind behavior

StellKey’s children’s interface features a ‘store’, where gems that are earned can be used to purchase food and other treats for Stell. The more kids engage with Stell in this way: looking after someone else with the fruits of their good work, the more they increase Stell’s happiness meter.