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StellKey is a tool designed to help kids become more autonomous by creating good habits quickly. The methodology is scientifically based and according to users’ feedback, it is very efficient. You simply need to select or set up tasks and rewards for each child and StellKey will do the rest.

StellKey was created as a safe and nurturing environment for kids. Every functionality and design has been brainstormed to determine the best possible way to help your kids develop their skills and autonomy. Your child’s interface is a great example incorporating scientifically based children’s developmental methodology coupled with state-of-the-art technology. Stell, their digipet, is also there to guide them.

These are some of the reasons why kids are engaging so well with StellKey.

All kids between the age of 4 and 12 can easily develop their good habits using StellKey.

The first 7 days are on us. 

As it’s very likely you’ll want to keep using StellKey after the free trial and to make sure money isn’t a barrier, we’ve designed one of the cheapest plans on the market so you can benefit from StellKey’s state-of-the-art built-in methodology. You can go on the website Pricing Plan page for more information.

No need for kids to have their own mobile. Parents can set up their child’s profile in a few clicks. Each family user will then access their own PIN code protected interface from the family dashboard.

Well, not that much actually…

First, be on the look out for areas where you believe that your kids can progress. Next, you can either use our suggested tasks or create your own. 

Pick up to 2 rewards that really make sense for each of your kids. Depending on your family rules, you could set up one daily reward and/or another one weekly. 

Once your kids complete their tasks, you will be asked to validate their requests. And once kids have accumulated enough stars, they will seek your approval to redeem their reward.

You’re done now – just relax and let StellKey do the rest.

A task should address a skill that you think your child needs to improve. Tasks can include anything in relation to Behaviour, School, Diet, Hygiene, Sport, Environment, Responsibility, Good deeds… When using StellKey, you’ll be suggested a list of tasks based on your kid’s age. You will also have the option to create new tasks that address your child’s specific needs. Ideally task descriptions should be as detailed as possible to avoid any confusion. 

For example, if the task says “Help mommy twice a day” your child will have a clearer indication as to what is expected compared to a more general description such as “Help parents”.

TIPS: After a couple of weeks using StellKey, you could ask your child what they’d like to work on next. You’ll be pleased to see that they feel natural to develop their skills. They’ve now reached a higher level of autonomy by understanding what they need to improve and setting it as their next task.

We agree the limited number of tasks per day may seem restrictive at first, but there is a reason for this. The scientific rationale is to help your kids focus all their attention on up to 3 tasks per day until the task becomes a good habit. You will be pleased to see that your child will develop good habits by mastering the tasks on the list  fairly quickly. Once this happens, you can assign  a new set of tasks and once again you will see your kids progress rapidly.

Yes – StellKey was designed to work for any families with kids – including but not limited to nuclear families, single parent families, extended families, step families, grand-parent families.

The reward concept is only there to help your kids engage with StellKey at first and start developing their autonomy. It’s very likely that after a couple of weeks your kids will complete their daily tasks because they feel the benefit of it and not for the rewards anymore.

Simply click on “Family”, select your child and then type the new task. You will also have the option to assign this task to other siblings.

Simply click on “Family”, select your child and then type the new reward. You will also have the option to assign this reward to other siblings.

Previous experience suggests that if your child has tried hard enough to complete her/his task, she/he should probably get rewarded even though the outcome is not perfect. You can always show her/him how to improve for the following days.

Users’ feedback suggests that parents like to be in control as to when the reward is redeemed. 

For example, you might want your kid to redeem her/his screen time reward only when she/he’s finished homework.

Not really as kids spend only a couple of minutes per day on their StellKey interface.

We do not sell and will never sell your data. That’s the reason why we decided to charge a small subscription fee. You can also check our Privacy Policy for more details.

Thank you. Please go on stellkey.com/price

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