What Is 

StellKey is an app designed to help families work together. Using a fun planetary theme, StellKey helps children grow a sense of responsibility, contribute to the household and build good habits like brushing their teeth, getting ready for school, doing homework.... StellKey’s mascot, Stell, provides kids with encouragement along the way!

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An app that’s
easy for the
entire family

StellKey enables parents, grandparents and carers to assign tasks and maintain a family routine – with real time tracking for kids to check their own progress too. Parents don’t have to worry about screen time either: kids will need less than 10 minutes a day to get the best out of StellKey.


We know family life can be a rollercoaster — and as parents, we all enjoy positivity and peace at home. Part of the secret to getting more of these moments is guiding our kids to develop good habits and a desire to be their best, without having to nag, constantly monitor them or raise our voice. It’s possible!


We consulted parenting experts and developmental psychologists to establish positive behaviors and habits through routine. Repetition involves effort, leading to accomplishment!

Set tasks for
your child


Short-term and
longer goals

Help kids build good behaviors with StellKey

We know every family – and every child – is different. We’ve created a list of suggested tasks and positive behaviors for kids ages 4 to 12, but you can create a list that suits your family’s needs and child’s level of independence. You’ll be updated in real-time on your child’s progress.

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Découvrez le témoignage en vidéo de nos utilisateurs!

Une maman nous explique comment StellKey a soulagé son quotidien en lui évitant de devoir répéter continuellement les mêmes instructions à ses 2 enfants – favorisant ainsi une parentalité plus sereine et des relations plus harmonieuses avec ses enfants.

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